Corporate Gifts

Make an ordinary gift extraordinary with our custom personalization service. Engrave, etch, emboss, deboss or print the name of recipients, a personal message or quote in any product. Our gift consultants always help you select the best option. Make your gifts meaningful with a personal touch because everyone likes to feel special and appreciated.


It’s not just what you give: but how you give. So, give it in style. At Scratchlines, it is always about how can we make your business look great. We create a theme with a smart mix of product selection, custom engraving and bespoke packaging. If you got the time and the budget we can make custom designed products to set your brand apart from the rest of the players.

Custom Packaging

How you present the gifts says a lot about you and your business. Presentation is key to lasting impressions. We are experts in concept, designing and creating custom packaging for any gift. So you no longer have to be limited by standard packaging. We help you be remembered not just for the high quality gifts but also for gifting in style